Edible Gold leaf Thailand

Edible Gold leaf Thailand

Edible Gold leaf is a sheet of pure gold that is slim and thin. Usually, the overall thickness of the Gold leaf is 0.1 micrometer. Gold leaf is created by hammering the solid gold and converting it into refined sheets. The sheets of the Gold leaf have neatly distributed surfaces and specially designed like painting artwork. Different countries in the world have big names to supply Gold leaf. Thailand is one of such countries and has a big name in the production of different art pieces made of a Gold leaf Thailand.
The process of introducing thin layers of the Gold leaf on the surface of the art piece is called Gold Leafing.

If you want to buy or use the slimmed gold sheets, you must also know the history of gold leaf. It will help you to understand their origin and use it in a better way. Historical data shows that it was the Ayutthaya era when the use of Gold leaf started in the Siam kingdom. During 22-23 B.E., the use of Thai water gold was famous all around the area. The Gold leaf was used to label on the surfaces of the different small and large art pieces. At that time, people used different techniques, including the elegant gold color to give new life to the old artworks. We can easily trace back the use of Gold leaf in the art models and decoration pieces of Royal Palace and Buddhists.

Use of gold leaf in the Egyptian era
If we look back at the history of gold leaf, we will find out it started from ancient Egypt. The Egyptian people used gold leaf in their statues, walls, and pyramids. In ancient Egypt, there was a tradition of making tombs, statues, and unique walls for the rulers, especially after their deaths. And for such stuff, only special elements were used like ivory and gold leaf. These things were used in huge amounts while making the statues and tombs. The Cleopatra of Egypt used gold leaf in her era to make some really expensive and precious gold leaf articles.

At that time, the use of gold was regular, but instead of making complete statues with pure gold, those people used gold leaf. They covered most parts of the statue’s body like arms, face, feet, and legs with gold leaf. In this way, they maintained the importance of their leaders and rulers, which was a tradition. By the time this tradition faded, and the use of gold leaf became another thing.

People started using it in some household things to make decoration pieces, arts, and other beautiful stuff. The main idea behind using gold leaf on objects and elements was to increase the value and demand of the object. For sure, it was a good idea that is still being used. If we talk about today’s world, gold leaf is used in jewelry, art pieces, and a lot of other things related to gold. Most of the gold leaf production comes from Thailand, and Thailand is considered one of the best sources.