Edible Gold Leaf

99.99% Pure Gold

Modern production standard in Food Grade level. It maintains its identity with luxury. It is used to decorate all kinds of food, desserts and cakes or facial mask, skin care, beauty, health, spa, and art.

Discover Our Story

In the past, the production of gold leaf sheets had to be hammered and hammered into gold sheets, which had different quality. But Amagrow uses modern production tools. This makes Amagrow’s edible gold leaf produced with the same meticulousness, texture and quality. We take the culture from gilding Buddha images in Buddhism. It indicates that gold is used with high levels. We have copyrighted the Amagrow brand to prevent counterfeits. We guarantee that Amagrow products are the purest edible gold leaf.

Our Qualities

The gold leaf has been used for a long time. Especially, all kinds of food decorations such as cakes and chocolates, bread, salads, pasta, hamburgers, desserts, ice creams, drinks at parties, including body treatments, facial care, spa, arts, and crafts.


The Salt Bae who is a Turkish chef often uses gold leaf pour on steaks, salads or pasta.

Bakery and dessert

To top on cakes because our gold leaf is edible 100%


Arts & crafts

It often uses with DIY accessories, earrings, rings, necklets, Buddha statue.


Beauty bloggers will apply 24K gold leaf on their face as makeup. We will see it in some fashion shows. Moreover, gold leaf often be the main ingredient in cosmetics such as facial care products, facial masks.

Beauty & Spa

We have imported our gold leaf to resorts worldwide for spa purposes.

Golden theme

It is the happy color in every occasion such as Chismas’s party, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving’s day. We believe that gold can be decorated with foods and make your family happy.

Novelties Are Our Specialty
Every Amagrow’s product either edible gold leaf or flakes of gold that are made from 99.99% pure gold. It is safe for cooking and skin. It is a premium quality gold with food-grade standards without heavy metals. It is safe for food consumption and also retains cultural traditions. It can be used with all kinds of sweet and savory foods both hot and cold.

Amagrow is one of initiators in using edible gold leaf in the food industry. Our products are trusted by people from all over the world. Every piece of edible gold leaf is of the same quality. The color of gold is consistent.The packaging is well wrapped.

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