Basic Things to Know About Edible Gold Leaf?

Edible gold (Edible Gold Leaf) is a gold product edible gold on a candy used to decorate food too. In cakes, desserts and snacks such as chocolates and truffles, edible gold is used to cover the whole. A more subtle approach is to only sprinkle the delicacy with edible gold to give it a subtle decorative “touch”.

What Is Edible Gold Leaf?
Edible gold leaf is a golden product that can be used to decorate food. Gold is considered “biologically inert”, which means it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed. It is mainly used for the production of desserts and sweets and is available in the form of sheets and flakes. It is one of the most expensive dishes in the world, but considering that it is real gold, leaves and petals are relatively cheap. It is important to buy high-quality gold because the cheaper versions contain impurities.

Why gold leaf can edible?
First of all, it would be a bit crunchy, but otherwise relatively harmless (you may need to drink water to endure it). You can expect it to taste metallic, but it doesn’t really taste like anything because none of them dissolves in your mouth. This is why gold is a great material for filling teeth, and also why people bite gold coins to make sure they are real.

In fact, edible gold is fairly pure gold and will always have at least 21 carats, because everything with a lower carat content contains impurities that are not as safe to eat. Gold is considered biologically inert, which means it can pass through you without absorption if only the fat and sugar were the same!

magaron 24K edible gold leaf

There are two reasons:
First, the chemical nature of gold is stable, no adverse chemical reactions occur after entering the body, it is non-toxic to the body, and it will not be absorbed by the body.
Second, gold has good physical ductility and can be punched into gold foil that is only one ten-thousandth of a millimeters thick. One gram of gold can be made into pure gold foil with a thickness of about 0.5 square meters and a thickness of 0.12 μm. The texture of the gold foil is very soft and will not harm the human digestive tract after entering the body.

24K Edible Gold Leaf: “24K gold” means 99.99% pure gold.
K: Refers to the purity of gold. Purity: refers to the vividness of the color. From a scientific perspective, the vividness of a color depends on the single degree of light emitted by this hue. The colors that can be distinguished by the human eye with monochromatic light have a certain degree of vividness. Different hue is not only different in brightness but also different in purity.


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